Weight Loss Success Story – Colleen L.

Colleen’s Weight Loss Journey

Colleen’s weight loss success journey

Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Weight Struggle

My struggle has been an ongoing event through my whole life. The day I graduated high school I weighed 245 pounds. I would lose weight and gain even more back. With every pound I gained I was more and more unhealthy and depressed. I promised myself that I would lose the weight before I turned 30, then 40 and finally 50.

June 2021 I turned 50 and weighed in at a whopping 308 lbs. my sons had lost their dad from illness, we were living in a pandemic and I swore I was next. August 2021 I decided it was time to take back control of my life!!

Colleeen’s weight loss progress

What Was Your Wake-Up Call Or “A-Ha Moment” That Caused You To Really Commit Yourself To Succeeding?

July 4th 2021 I passed by my girlfriends sliding glass doors and realized my weight was out of control! How did I get so big? I know I kept watching the scale go up but I never realized how big I really was. If I didn’t do something I was going to die!!

How Have Your Eating Habits Changed Since Beginning Your Journey? What Did You Eat Before And What Are You Eating Now?

Before I started my journey I would eat whatever I wanted without consequence. Now if it does not provide some nutritional value I don’t eat it, well 99% of the time. The simple answer before I lived a constant unhealthy lifestyle, now I live consistently healthy.

Colleen after losing 123 pounds

What Is The Difference In Your Fitness Before You Started And Now?

Fitness?? Lol before there was nothing, I could barely walk and not because of my weight. I have had major issues with my back and joints. Once I decided to get healthy, I knew exercise needed to be a part of that. I joined a gym and started working with an amazing trainer and fitness coach to make sure I wasn’t doing anything to hurt myself. I stayed consistent with my workouts and showing up for myself!

What Has Been The Biggest Change/Payoff For You So Far?

It is the first time in my life I am healthy. Yes I still have weight to lose, but I am stronger and more energized then ever before. It also doesn’t hurt that I look like a different person.

How Much Weight Have You Lost? How Long Did It Take You To Lose It?

As of today, I have lost 123 pounds without surgery. It has taken me 10-and-a-half months.

Some Advice and/or Words of Wisdom I’d Like To Share

Keep showing up for yourself! The first step is definitely the hardest but it is worth it. No matter how much time you think you don’t have to do it, your health and well being should always be the priority.

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