10 Qualities of Weight Watchers Members I Admire

Weight Watchers and I both turned 60 years old this year. Maybe that’s part of my affinity for the plan. As I was thinking about the Weight Watchers Program and all it has done for me through the years as a lifetime member and former employee,  I realized that one of the things I love best is its members.

I admire people who are doing Weight Watchers. They are showing up and doing the work required to improve their lives. They are are top-notch people who often share these admirable qualities:

10 Admirable Qualities of Weight Watchers Members 

1) Commitment to Health: Weight Watchers members demonstrate a strong commitment to their well-being by actively participating in a program aimed at improving their health and managing their weight. Lots of people talk about improving health but WW are actually doing something about it. 

2) Self-Motivation: Joining Weight Watchers requires self-motivation and a desire for personal growth. Members take the initiative to address their weight concerns and work towards achieving their goals.

3) Persistence: Weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes can be challenging, but Weight Watchers members exhibit persistence a valuable trait necessary for personal growth, achievement, and success. They exhibit the required drive, resilience, tenacity, patience and perseverance to overcome obstacles and setbacks. To pick themselves up when they fall. To keep going when the going gets tough. To refuse to give up even when the going is slow. 

4) Supportive Nature: Members of Weight Watchers often form a supportive community, providing encouragement, motivation, and guidance to one another. They recognize the importance of fostering positive relationships to aid in their journey. You can witness this in workshops, in the WW Connect area of WW APP and in any number of Facebook groups. 

5) Discipline: Successful weight management requires discipline, and Weight Watchers members demonstrate this quality by adhering to their chosen program’s guidelines and making consistent efforts to make healthier choices.

6) Willingness to Learn: Weight Watchers members embrace a learning mindset by seeking knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. They understand that education is key to sustainable change. They are willing to learn new skills, try new foods, adopt new habits and let go of old ones. 

7) Accountability: Weight Watchers program emphasizes accountability, and members willingly take responsibility for their choices and actions. They track their food intake, attend workshops, and engage in self-reflection to monitor their progress.

8) Resilience: Weight Watchers members develop resilience through their weight loss journey. They learn to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to changing circumstances, and maintain a positive attitude despite challenges.

9) Empathy: Many Weight Watchers members have personally experienced struggles with weight management, which fosters empathy towards others facing similar challenges. They offer understanding and compassion to fellow members, creating a supportive environment.

10) Vulnerability: Despite often being associated with negative connotations, vulnerability allows us to show our true selves and be authentic. Being open and honest about our thoughts, emotions, and experiences can foster genuine connections and meaningful relationships with others.  It requires us to confront our fears, step outside our comfort zones, and take risks that can lead to significant personal growth. 

How to Be Successful on Weight Watchers

The focus of Weight Watchers is on “how to.” You learn a bunch of skills and you change a bunch of habits. The key, I believe, is to look at Weight Watchers as a long-term change in your life. You will be following this path for the rest of your life. It’s not a diet. It’s a permanent change in how you eat.

Here are some proven strategies to insure your success:

Incorporate a wide range of Zero Points® foods into your meal plan. The Zero Points® food list list is extensive, offering numerous delicious options that you can enjoy without restrictions. These foods are not only satisfying but also beneficial for your weight loss journey, as they keep you full and contribute to your goals.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water is an essential component of any diet plan, and it provides numerous advantages such as aiding in weight loss, reducing fatigue, and improving digestion. If you need some assistance here are 25 Tips for Increasing Your Water Intake to help. 

Take the time to plan your meals and snacks. Although meal planning may not sound appealing, it can be highly effective, especially for a diet like Weight Watchers. Dedicate an hour on the weekend to plan out your entire week’s meals and snacks. My archive of Weight Watchers Meal Plans can help.  Create a WW friendly grocery list based on your meal plan and make sure to stick to it. It’s also important to avoid going to the grocery store hungry, as it often leads to poor food choices.

Make smart substitutions when you experience cravings. Cravings are normal, especially when starting a new diet. Weight Watchers encourages satisfying these cravings by finding healthier alternatives. For instance, if you crave something sweet, opt for a delicious piece of fruit. When you desire something salty and crunchy, opt for popcorn instead of chips. Looking for some snack ideas? Here are 24 healthy snack ideas to support your weight loss goals. 

Utilize your slow cooker for convenient and healthy meals. Just because you’re focused on eating healthier and cooking more doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Your slow cooker is a fantastic tool to use, especially when you have a busy schedule. I’m such a big fan of this device I believe it’s possible to Slow Cook Yourself Slim!  You’ll find a huge collection of easy healthy slow cooker recipes here

Engage in enjoyable physical activities to stay active. Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to traditional methods like jogging or weightlifting. The key is to replace exercise with play. Consider fun activities such as swimming, pilates, yoga, or cycling. To make it even more enjoyable, invite your friends for a long walk in the morning or after dropping off the kids at school.

Save up SmartPoints for a special treat. One of the great aspects of Weight Watchers is that it helps you understand the impact of your favorite treats on your overall diet. Unlike other diets that eliminate these indulgences entirely, Weight Watchers allows you to rollover Points. If you’ve been following your plan diligently throughout the week and have extra Points to spare, treat yourself to something sweet. It’s all about finding balance, and who could resist a delectable slice of cake

What is the Secret of Weight Watchers?

It’s possible to lose weight without giving up what you love!

Weight Watchers, now known as WW International, is a popular weight loss and wellness program that has been around for six decades. The program’s success lies in its combination of effective weight management strategies and a supportive community. While there is no singular secret behind Weight Watchers, several factors contribute to its effectiveness:

Science-based approach: Weight Watchers is grounded in scientific research and evidence-based strategies for weight loss. The program emphasizes the importance of creating a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn, which is a fundamental principle of weight management.

Points system: Weight Watchers employs a unique system called Points, which assigns a value to each food based on its nutritional composition. Foods that are higher in calories and lower in nutritional value have higher Points, while healthier foods have lower Points. This system encourages members to make more nutritious food choices while still allowing flexibility and moderation.

Flexibility and personalization: Weight Watchers acknowledges that everyone’s weight loss journey is unique. The program offers flexibility by allowing individuals to choose their own foods within their designated Points budget. This promotes sustainability and makes it easier for people to adopt healthier eating habits for the long term.

Supportive community: Weight Watchers places a strong emphasis on building a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Members can attend in-person meetings, virtual meetings, join online communities, and receive support from trained coaches. The sense of community fosters accountability, motivation, and the sharing of tips and experiences.

Behavior change strategies: Weight Watchers recognizes that successful weight management requires more than just following a diet plan. The program incorporates behavior change techniques, such as setting realistic goals, tracking progress, and addressing emotional eating habits. These strategies help members develop healthier relationships with food and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Integration of physical activity: Weight Watchers encourages regular physical activity as an essential component of weight loss and overall well-being. They provide guidance on incorporating exercise into daily routines and offer various resources to support members in adopting an active lifestyle.

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