40+ Favorite Easy Weight Watchers Desserts

Looking for easy to make Weight Watchers desserts? You have come to the right place.

I’ve gathered the Best Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes the whole family will love. Mine certainly does!

Easy Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes Everyone Will Love

Zero points treats that are sure to please. Rich decadent WW desserts to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Cupcakes & muffins for every occasion. Cool & creamy frozen treats. Bite-size cookies and brownies that are low in Weight Watchers points. Fruit-based desserts to celebrate the seasons. Pastries and pies perfect for when you want to bake dessert without exhausting your daily points budget.

We’ll kick things off with easy Weight Watchers Desserts that don’t require a recipe!

Reader Favorite Easy Weight Watchers Desserts No Recipe Required

Sugar free chocolate pudding cup with a crushed Oreo thin (4 WW Points)
Fiber One brownie (2 Points, excellent if warmed up in the microwave)
Coconut Built Bar (3 Points, expensive but tastes almost exactly like a Mounds bar)
Mini Clio bars (2 points for one, 5 points for two) – These are like chocolate covered cheesecake bars made from Greek yogurt. Available at Sam’s Club & Costco.
Mini M&Ms (6 Points for 2 Tablespoons, I do the mini m&ms because it seems like more lol)
Root beer float made from diet root beer and ½ cup vanilla halo top (3 WW Points)
Oreo thins (3 points for 2 cookies)
Yasso frozen yogurt bars! (4 or 5 WW Points)
Vanilla chocolate skinny cow ice cream sandwiches 5 WW Points for one or 9 points for two.
Apple slices with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.
Sugar free pudding with low-fat cool whip, and a crushed up chocolate graham cracker. (4-5 WW Points)
WW “candy bars” — peanut butter pie is my favorite but the chocolate pretzel is also YUM.
Strawberries with sugar free chocolate syrup or grapes with lime juice are my go-to zero point desserts.
Meringue nests (3 WW Points for 1), Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.
Heated sugar free applesauce with cinnamon and sa quirt of fat free reddi whip.
Greek yogurt with a topping of heated berries and squirt of fat free reddi whip.
Trader Joe’s mini chocolate hold the cones – 4 points per cone
WW fudge mug cake mixes available on the WW website. 

What Sweets & Desserts Can I Eat on Weight Watchers?

The good news about WeightWatchers is that no foods are off limits including desserts and sweet treats. On the Weight Watchers Program you can indulge your sweet tooth and meet your weight loss goals. Apple Pie? Chocolate Chip Cookies? Carrot Cake? Ice Cream? It’s all allowed. You just have to plan for indulging in sweet desserts.

Healthy eating and sustainable weight management is all about balance. It’s okay to eat a low Points lunch so that you have room in your budget for an afternoon cookie or use your Weekly and/or rollover Weight Watcher Points to enjoy a piece of cake.

40+ Great Easy Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

2-Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake

1) 2-Ingredient Weight Watchers Angel Food Cake

A longtime crowd pleaser, this great dessert is a favorite with Weight Watchers of all ages. This easy 2-Ingredient cake stirs together in minutes. All you need is a box of angel food cake mix and can of crushed pineapple to create a moist and delicious low calorie cake everyone will love.

If you are a Weight Watchers Member you were probably introduced to this easy dessert at one of your Weight Watchers Meetings. This easy recipe has been passed around for years. It’s the perfect low-calorie cake when you need a quick dessert.

Though I like it plain, many folks like to frost it with whipped topping.

Frozen Cool Whip Banana Split

2) Weight Watchers Frozen Cool Whip “Banana Split”

Kids of all ages will love making this low calorie frozen cool whip faux banana split!. Sliced fresh strawberries, bananas, frozen cool whip and a chocolate drizzle combine to create a satisfying low Points sweet treat.

This great recipe comes from Tina Fey. After losing weight on WW, Fey satisfies her sugar cravings with healthier lower-calorie desserts. “I take a banana and strawberry, and put frozen Cool Whip on it with a chocolate drizzle, and tell myself it’s a banana split,” she said of her go-to treat.

2-Ingredient Jello Fluff

3) 2-Ingredient Weight Watchers Creamy Jello Yogurt Fluff

This easy creamy jello yogurt fluff is a new favorite in our house. Low in calories with Zero Weight Watchers Points, it’s hard to beat when you are looking for a guiltless low calorie sweet treat.

This delicious dessert calling for 1 package of (4 serving size) of sugar-free gelatin and 1 cup of plain yogurt whizzed together in the blender (affiliate link) results in a creamy light and luscious yogurt fluff more creamy and less dense than other variations I’ve sampled.

No Bake Strawberry Lemon Pie

4) WW No Bake Lemon Strawberry Pie

A perfect dessert for hot weather that just requires you to boil some water for preparing the lemon Jello—no oven or pre-heating required. Then just mix the gelatin with some low-fat vanilla yogurt and a little mint extract, pour into a low-fat graham cracker crust and chill.

Once the pie is set, you top it with some fresh cut fresh strawberries and little more lemon Jello. It can then chill until serving time.

Easy, peasy to make, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the resulting creamy, lemony, lighter than air texture— we certainly were!

The Pound Dropper’s Lightened Up Copycat Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf

5) Lightened Up Copycat Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf

Do you just love the Lemon Loaf from Starbucks? Do you know just one slice clocks in at 24 WW Points?™ That’s CRAZY! That’s more than a days worth of points! This Lightened Up Copycat Starbucks Lemon Loaf is so refreshing and delicious.  You’ll will think it came right out of the oven at your local coffee shop-but it only costs you a fraction of the points per slice! (Found at The Pound Dropper)

Low WW Points Fruit Frilled Chocolate Dipped Cones

6) Fruit Filled Chocolate Dipped Cones – Low Point Weight Watchers Desserts

Today I’m sharing a fun way to eat your fresh fruit: fruit filled chocolate dipped ice cream cones. Talk about an easy healthy tasty treat!

I’ve discovered that adding just a little bit of dark chocolate to a fresh fruit dessert is a simple way to boost both its flavor and nutrition. With this delicious recipe, a little melted chocolate transforms ordinary cake cones and some fruit into a decadent no-bake delight.

Easy Icebox Eclair Dessert Made Lighter

7) Easy Icebox Eclair Dessert Made Lighter – Weight Watchers Friendly

Looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe that takes just 15 minutes to make? You’ll love this Easy Eclair Icebox Cake recipe. An old-fashioned no bake icebox cake with layers of graham crackers, pudding, and chocolate icing.

It’s a cool and creamy layered dessert made lighter, perfect for hot days. A big hit with friends and family, I’ve lightened it up with sugar free pudding, low fat milk, light cool whip and fewer graham crackers.

This luscious dessert comes together quickly and easily. For best results allow at least 8 hours or overnight for it to fully chill.

8) 1-Ingredient Low Calorie Frozen Banana “Ice Cream”

I first learned about this simple low calorie Weight Watcher dessert recipe in a Weight Watchers meeting several years ago. It was all the rage. I love bananas. I always have them stashed in the freezer. All it takes is frozen bananas to whip up this creamy tasty treat.

Small Batch Tablespoon Chocolate Chip Cookies

9) Small Batch Tablespoon Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s sometimes best to bake cookies in a small batch if you have a hard time with portion control. This easy recipe for Tablespoon Chocolate Chip Cookies makes just 8 cookies!

I love that all the ingredients for this favorite dessert can be mixed together in two small bowls. And that most of the ingredients are measured with a tablespoon measure. And that you simply scoop out the cookie dough with a tablespoon measure when you’re adding them to your baking pan.

Fun to make and delicious to eat—one of my most cherished combinations!

Chocolate Brownie Batter Hummus Dip

10) Chocolate Brownie Batter Hummus Dip

This simple, not-too-sweet, low calorie chocolate dessert hummus is perfect for pairing with your favorite fresh fruit. It mixes together in minutes using a handful of common ingredients.

Perfect for a low calorie/point Valentine’s dessert and also makes a great after school or anytime snack!

Skinny 4-Ingredient Turtle Cake

11) Skinny 4-Ingredient Chocolate Turtle Cake

I’m excited to share this easy chocolate turtle cake made lighter. With only 4-ingredients it comes together quickly and makes for an impressive dessert. All you need is cake mix, greek yogurt, light caramel sauce & nuts to bake up this moist and delicious cake.

WW 3 Ingredient Pineapple Fluff

12) Weight Watchers 3-Ingredient Pineapple Fluff

Pineapple fluff is one of my longtime favorite Weight Watcher friendly desserts. It’s easy to make and delicious. A quick and easy no-cook dessert with just 3 ingredients everyone seems to love. This quick and easy recipe can be modified in so many ways.

WW Apple S’mores Nachos

13) Apple S’mores Nachos

The summer campfire classic treat meets autumn in this deliciously decadent simple dessert for two. With 5 common ingredients, this hassle-free apple s’mores dessert is ready in minutes. And the best part, no campfire required!

2-Ingredient 7-up cupcakes

14) Guiltless 2-Ingredient 7-Up Cupcakes

Just 2-ingredients, cake mix and diet soda, bake up a light and delicious low calorie sweet treat. I look forward to going through Betty Crocker’s repertory of cake mix flavors and trying different sodas like orange, lemon-lime, cherry, berry and any other interesting flavors on the shelf.

WW Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chopped Salted Peanuts

15) Chocolate Chip Cookies with Salted Peanuts

With fewer chocolate chips and less butter than traditional chocolate chip cookies, these WW Chocolate Chip Cookies are lower in calories and fat, but you’d never guess it. Using mini chocolate chips helps distribute chocolate goodness more evenly, so you get more with less. Of course, you don’t need to use salted peanuts. Substitute whatever nut you like best or skip them altogether.

Healthier Chocolate Almond Coconut Truffles

16) Chocolate Coconut Almond Truffles

If you’ve got the hankering for an Almond Joy® candy bar, you may want to whip up a batch of these healthier chocolate almond coconut truffles instead. One of these smooth and creamy homemade chocolate truffle balls has about half the calories of a snack size Almond Joy®! They make a nice addition to any holiday cookie platter or a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Skinny Taste’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

17) Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are delightful and delicious and they are easier to make that you might think. All you need is two ingredients to create this impressive sweet treat. (Found at SkinnyTaste)

90 Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes

18) 90-Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes

Satisfy the most stubborn chocolate craving with these deliciously moist Chocolate Cupcakes. They are light and airy with just 90 calories and 13g carbohydrates each—a Weight Watchers’ dream dessert.

I love cupcakes because—like cookies—they are naturally portion-controlled into single servings. And they can easily be shared with friends and family.

Skinny Cranberry Apple Oatmeal Cookies

19) Cranberry Apple Oatmeal Cookies

These oatmeal cookies baked up soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness and spice. They’ve been a hit with everyone here in the house. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Hungry’s Girls Double Chocolate Cheese Cake Dip Lighter in Fat & Calories for Weight Watchers

20) Double Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

This 5-minute dessert dip tastes like chocolatey cheesecake, but it’s got a fraction of the calories and fat. (Found at Hungry Girl)

The Pound Dropper’s Lightened Up Blueberry Banana Muffins

21) Easy Lightened Up Blueberry Banana Muffins

These Easy Lightened Up Banana Blueberry Muffins make for a great snack or breakfast, or dessert and are a must have in the freezer-packed with protein and loaded with blueberries and bananas! (Found at The Pound Dropper)

Easy 4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Button Cookies Flourless

22) Easy 4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Button Cookies

These quick and easy flourless cookies, have only 4 ingredients. Then there is their size – little button-sized cookies with just 33 calories – perfect for Weight Watchers sized sweet treats!

Light & Healthy Apple Pie Parfait for Weight Watchers

23) Light & Healthy Apple Pie Parfait

Looking for a simple breakfast or snack, or even a decadent yet light dessert with the flavors of apple pie? We’ve got you covered.nYou’ll love this healthy apple pie yogurt parfait. It’s easy to make using simple ingredients with a lot fewer calories than apple pie!

Low Fat Cherry Clafoutis

24) Low Fat Cherry Clafoutis

Looking for an easy healthy dessert that works equally well for breakfast? Look no further than this easy Cherry Clafouti which also happens to be naturally sweetened, low in calories and low in fat.

Drizzle Me Skinny Banana S’mores

25) Skinny Banana S’mores

All you need is a banana, marshmallow fluff, graham cracker and dark chocolate to create this banana based riff on the ever popular S’mores. This dessert is proof that you only need a little and it doesn’t have to be hard to cure that sweet craving. At just 2 Points per serving it remains a favorite way to indulge a sweet tooth. (Found at Drizzle Me Skinny)

26) No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls

Looking for a simple sweet treat you can feel good about indulging in? These no-bake treats are super-simple to make and taste a lot like peanut butter cookie dough. But they’re hiding a secret healthy ingredient: pureed chickpeas (aka Garbanzo beans). Nobody will ever guess. I guarantee it. 

Drizzle Me Skinny’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Donuts

27) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Donuts

These oatmeal chocolate chip donuts are perfect. Tull of hearty oats and just enough chocolate to finish them off with some sweetness. They are only 82 calories each and low in WW Points. They make a great dessert or even a grab-and-go breakfast. (Found at Drizzle Me Skinny)

28) Skinny Baked S’mores

These skinny baked S’mores can enjoyed all year long because you pop them under the broiler or into your toaster oven. Because they are open-faced and use miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips you get all the flavor of a traditional S’mores for a lot fewer calories and WW Points. 

Skinny Snickers Tarts

29) Snickers Mini Tarts

A simple and delicious 2-ingredient sweet treat everyone will love, these snickers mini tarts are perfectly portion controlled too. Not a Snickers fan? Use whatever candy bar you like best to make these little candy bar tarts. 

Drizzle Me Skinny’s No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake

30) Reese’s No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Made Lighter

Here’s a winner of a Weight Watchers dessert recipe for cheesecake fans and peanut butter fans alike. Full of flavor this is definitely worth the WW Points splurge!  (Found at Drizzle Me Skinny)

Weight Watchers Low Fat Lemon Bars

31) Weight Watchers Low Fat Lemon Bars 

Light and luscious, these Weight Watchers low fat lemon bars are a winner. More tart than sweet, each bar has just 113 calories and *5WW SmartPoints.

The Pointed Kitchen’s WW Baked Egg Custard

32) Weight Watchers Baked Egg Custard

This light and delicious baked egg custard is the perfect Weight Watchers low points dessert. It’s easy to make and contains ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge and pantry. Rich and creamy it is baked to perfection, with a light golden brown top and a soft and creamy custard centre. It is complemented perfectly with a pinch or two of nutmeg sprinkled on the top. Yum! (found at the Pointed Kitchen)

The Pointed Kitchen’s Banana Fritters

33) WW Banana Fritters

These banana fritters take minutes to make and are a tasty & satisfying Weight Watchers dessert. 

Skinny Kitchen’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

34) Skinny Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

No wonder brownie bites are so popular. These bite size morsels of double dark chocolate are totally sinful! What a great 4 bite treat when you’re in the mood for chocolate. I like to cut mine into four’s before eating. They’re so easy to make since I’ve started with my all time favorite brownie mix and made just a few changes to the original recipe to cut the fat & points & calories. (Found at Skinny Kitchen)

Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits

35) Light & Easy No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits

Looking for an easy, delicious, no-bake dessert recipe that will please Weight Watchers and non-Weight Watchers alike? Look no further than these light and delicious no-bake strawberry cheesecake parfaits, which were a big hit when I took them to dinner with friends recently.

WW Pumpkin Mousse Fluff

36) WW Pumpkin Mousse Fluff

Quick and easy to make, all you need is a bowl, whisk and 5 ingredients to whip up a batch of pumpkin mousse/fluff in minutes. If you are a pumpkin spice lover following Weight Watchers or just interested in keeping your calories in check, this is a great go to dessert for fall, perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

My Crazy Good Life’s Dole Whip

37) Weight Watchers Dole Whip 

You don’t have to wait for your next trip to Disney, our at-home dessert is the real thing and so much more flavorful than soft serve ice cream or homemade vanilla ice cream. Our Weight Watchers Dole Whip will help you stay within your smart points range while enjoying a delicious healthy treat with simple ingredients packed with a big dole whip taste! (Found at My Crazy Good Life)

Low Fat Applesauce Banana Bread

38) WW Low Fat Applesauce Banana Bread

Made from a combination of applesauce and bananas, this healthy applesauce banana bread is as easy as it is delicious. you can lower the calories and Points further by substituting your favorite non calorie sweetener for the sugar. 

The Pound Dropper’s Easy Baked Apples Made Lighter

39) Easy Baked Apples Made Weight Watchers Friendly

This Easy Baked Apples recipe is filled with a cinnamon streusel topping makes a favorite fall dessert! Serve warm with a dollop of low point vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of sugar free caramel sauce for a mouth watering treat! (Found at The Pound Dropper)

Moist & Chewy Low Fat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

40) Low Fat Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Bars

A great recipe for quick and easy healthier low fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars that turn out moist and chewy. You can decrease the calories and WW Points by substituting your favorite non-calorie sweetener for the brown sugar. 

Creamy Chocolate Yogurt @ Simple Nourished Living

41) Weight Watchers 2-Ingredient Creamy Chocolate Yogurt 

Looking for a delicious nutritious way to satisfy a chocolate craving? Stir some unsweetened cocoa powder and your sweetener of choice into plain nonfat Greek yogurt and voilà, you’ve got a chocolaty creamy indulgence that’s healthy and delicious!


Favorite Weight Watchers Easy Dessert Recipes

An amazing collection of Delicious Weight Watchers Easy Desserts all with Points! All are delicious though the Low Fat Lemon Bars & 90-Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes are particular favorites.
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword Weight Watchers Easy Dessert Recipes
Author Martha | Simple Nourished Living


Select your recipe.
Gather and prep your ingredients.
Make your easy dessert according to the recipe’s instructions.
Enjoy without guilt!

*Points® calculated by WW. *PointsPlus® and SmartPoints® calculated by Simple Nourished Living; Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc. All recipe ingredients except optional items included in determining nutritional estimates. SmartPoints® values calculated WITHOUT each plan’s ZeroPoint Foods (Green plan, Blue plan, Purple plan) using the WW Recipe Builder.

How Can I Make Homemade Desserts Lower in Sugar, Fat & Calories & More WW Friendly?

Decrease the amount of sugar by 25% or so in you favorite recipe to create a healthier dessert.
Substitute all or part of the sugar for unsweetened applesauce, mashed bananas or other fruit purees.
Substitute nonfat Greek Yogurt for some of the butter or oil.
Line baking trays and cake tins with baking paper. This reduces the amount of oil needed for greasing and also makes washing up easier.
Remember that foods with higher amounts of protein have lower Points values but sweet snacks and desserts like cookies and sugar-sweetened beverages (sodas, sports drinks, etc.) have higher Points. 

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