Weight Loss Success Story – Matthew C.

Matthew’s Weight Loss Journey

Matthew after losing 67 pounds

Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Weight Struggle

I was bullied as a young child growing up fighting obesity, I was always big as a child and adult. I started my weight loss journey to lose a 100 pounds because I wanted to live a fuller and happier life. I did’t work out at all and lost 67 pounds within 11 months. I was also on radio show called KIX 101.5 for my tremendous weight loss experience.

What Was Your Wake-Up Call Or “A-Ha Moment” That Caused You To Really Commit Yourself To Succeeding?

My wake up call happened when I couldn’t finish an 8 hour shift without being extremely exhausted by the end of it. I had no energy left at all.

How Have Your Eating Habits Changed Since Beginning Your Journey? What Did You Eat Before And What Are You Eating Now?

I portion every thing out more I cook more at home. I stopped eating fast food and I drink a lot more water. I live my life very differently now.

Matthew’s weight loss journey

What Is The Difference In Your Fitness Before You Started And Now?

Nothing, I don’t work out. I was bullied and harassed at a local gym for trying to work out and get healthier, so I haven’t gone back yet. But maybe once I hit my goal of a 100 pounds lost, I’ll think about going back.

What Has Been The Biggest Change/Payoff For You So Far?

All the friends I have made off social media and TikTock! I am almost up to 2k followers. I love to help people. I work in Assisted Living and the elderly just love hearing my weight loss story.

How Much Weight Have You Lost? How Long Did It Take You To Lose It?

I weighed 230 pounds at the beginning of January—I am now down to 163 pounds. That’s a total of 67 pounds I have lost with just eating right and making healthier choices.

Matthew in old pants that are now way too big

Some Advice and/or Words of Wisdom I’d Like To Share

Don’t let others stop you from what you want to do in life. If you want to be healthier, then do it. If you want to strive to be a better version of yourself, then do it. If you want to become an influencer, then just do it. You can do anything you set your mind to!

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