Weight Loss Success Story – Jonathan R.

Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Weight Struggle
I’ve been on this yo-yo dieting rollercoaster for 50 freakin’ years. Yep, half a century of losing weight, gaining it back, and repeating the whole frustrating cycle. It’s like a never-ending bad dream. But guess what? I finally had enough. I wrote Shut Up and Choose to share how I broke free from this madness with real, sustainable changes. No more quick fixes or falling for diet industry scams. Just straightforward, no-nonsense advice that’ll actually work. Trust me, if I can do it after five decades, so can you!

What Was Your Wake-Up Call Or “A-Ha Moment” That Caused You To Really Commit Yourself To Succeeding?
Alright, here it is. One day, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and had a brutal wake-up call. I was done with the excuses, the diet fads, and the endless cycle of failure. I decided it was time to take control and make real, lasting changes. That moment sparked a journey that led to Shut Up and Choose. It’s all about personal accountability and making smart, sustainable choices.

How Have Your Eating Habits Changed Since Starting Your Weight Loss Journey? What Did You Eat Before And What Are You Eating Now?
I now eat mindfully instead of mindlessly!

What Is The Difference In Your Fitness Before You Started And Now?
I walk more than ever. When I started at 411 pounds I was unable to walk 100 feet. Now I can walk a couple of miles each day.

What Has Been The Biggest Change/Payoff For You So Far?
I lost 130+ pounds in a year without fad diets, shots, pills, surgeries, or even the gym. I did it all while eating anything I chose!

How Much Weight Have You Lost? How Long Did It Take You To Lose It?
I am still losing, but to this point, I have lost 135 pounds in 14 months.

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