Orangetheory and hormonal imbalance

Ever jump on the bandwagon of a new trend only to discover that it ain’t all it cracked up to be? ⁠ That was my experience with Orangetheory. ⁠Ugh, actually, it was more like Orangetheory and hormonal imbalance.

This week’s Youtube video unpacks why Orangetheory wasn’t for me – and why it might not be the best for you, either

Orangetheory and hormonal imbalance

Ok, see…⁠

Instead of losing weight > I gained weight ⁠

Instead of feeling energized > I felt exhausted but couldn’t sleep⁠

Instead of balancing my body’s fuel needs > I craved carbs like no other ⁠

It was the weirdest thing but after 8 to 12 weeks of doing Orangetheory workouts, I couldn’t keep ignoring those symptoms. ⁠

Here’s the thing, I’ve done all sorts of exercise programs and fitness routines over the years, and I have to admit Orangetheory was probably the most intense and it taught me so much about my body. ⁠

Essentially, it taught me what DOESN’T work for my body, which is why I quit. ⁠

I know, I’m not alone when it comes to some of these symptoms. ⁠

If any of these resonate with you, like I said, maybe it’s time to look a little bit differently at your workout. ⁠

Maybe try something new. And maybe yeah, that high-intensity format is just too much for your body. ⁠

Let me know in the comments – have you tried Orangetheory? What did you think? ⁠

P.S. For the record, I do NOT hate Orangetheory. It’s a fun workout, but just too intense for someone like me, who is running a business with a chronic disease. ⁠

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