How Pippa Overcame an Unhealthy Relationship With Food and Found Peace

Has food become all-consuming, where you spend most of your day thinking about it?

Before joining the Mindful Nutrition Method, Pippa struggled to implement all of the knowledge that she had about nutrition into her life. She said this made her feel like a failure and that she lacked self-discipline, leading her to feel worthless.

As she searched for some way of eating that would stick for her, she found herself in the start-and-stop cycle, always looking for the next food rule she could try that might work.

This took a big toll on her relationship with food. After working through the program, she realized that she had all of this information about nutrition, but she struggled to implement it into her life because she didn’t have the tools, practices, or skills to do so.

Now that Pippa was guided on how to integrate her habits into her life through small yet impactful practices and using simple tools, she feels so much freer and lighter that they come so naturally to her.

Watch her story below!

The Challenge: Information Overload & Bad vs. Good Food Mentality 

Pippa shared that she struggled to find a balanced and consistent way of nourishing herself for most of her life — since she was a child.

She realized that “I had all of this nutrition knowledge about what I should and shouldn’t be eating, and what were good foods or bad or treats, but I was rarely consistent.

And I think that has a long-term detrimental effect on lots of other elements within your life because it’s unhealthy of engaging with yourself. And I would say most of my adult life, I just didn’t have anyone to help bring all of my knowledge together, and so meal times and food, it has very much been a sort of love/ hate relationship, I would say for many, many years.”

Pippa goes on to share how this made her feel about food, sharing how it impacted her self-worth.

“It sounds really dramatic when I say this, but I think it made me feel worthless…I’m not getting it right means that I’m constantly failing at something. And when you feel like you’re failing at something and not being your best self constantly, it kind of makes you feel you’re out of control or lacking discipline, which is all really negative and really chips away at you and your confidence. That feeling of worthlessness was there for years.”

And Pippa is not alone in feeling this way about food and our relationship with it. 

How She Tried To Overcome This Mindset

Pippa tried overcoming this struggle by learning more about nutrition, but it kept her feeling stuck on how to put it into practice.

“I read up about nutrition so I’ve tried to arm myself with the knowledge. And like I said, a moment ago, it’s very well having the knowledge, but putting it into practice and changing some behaviors and what have you, is difficult unless you have something like the MNM, which I think is really what hinges it all together.”

But thankfully, Pippa sought out something different this time around. She decided to break the cycle and create a new, balanced relationship with food for herself.  

What Supported Pippa To Find Peace With Food

In order to get out of information overload, remove the all-or-nothing mentality, and stop stressing about food, you need to discover a new way of thinking about food. You need to discover a new relationship with food. 

This new relationship needs to be unique to you and your needs. It needs to be tailored to your individuality. A balanced relationship like this allows you to tune into your body, feel confident in your own choices, and feel free from the stress of the scale. 

It’s all about finding what works for you, rather than making yourself fit into a diet or plan that someone else swears by. So let’s dive into exactly how Pippa did that!  

1. Making Food Choices That Feel Good To her

One of the primary concepts we focus on inside of the Mindful Nutrition Method is listening to the body’s cues and making food choices that feel empowering, good, and nourishing to you. Students learn to tune into their bodies and trust the messages it’s sending so they can feel confident about the choices they make for themselves.

This helps eliminate that feeling of constantly being stressed about food.

Learning this skill allowed Pippa to look at her needs in a different way.

“It’s been a gradual process, but I think that’s the beauty of it. I genuinely feel more in control and as a result, and I use that word differently. So when I say control, it seems like I’m being strict with myself. I don’t mean that, but I feel like I’m owning my decisions with food and food in the way I’ve not done so before. And I feel as a result, it’s a bit of a … Quite a bit freer, but lighter.”

The check-in practices we teach inside of the program guide you to tune into your body. They allow you to bring awareness to the patterns you have with your eating habits. You then learn how to best align your actions with what works best for you.

This inner knowing makes it much easier to make changes. You’re no longer following what someone else is telling you to do. Instead, you’re using your own self-awareness to feel confident in what allows you to feel your best.

2. Finding Easy Wins That Build Consistency 

Pippa tapped into using the Mindful Nutrition Method tools including the Foundational Five, meal prep, and of course the mindset work inside the course. 

When she put all these pieces together she gained a new perspective and clarity with her food choices.

“I was floundering in the dark and now I feel like I am much more in the light, much kinder to myself, much more knowledgeable. The [foundational] nutritional five is a bedrock of my nutrition now. It’s such a simple, easy win, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned enough about the actual program, but yeah, to sum up before and now I would say floundering in the dark to feeling empowered and much more literally in the lights right now as a result of being in the Method.”

When asked if she would recommend the Mindful Nutrition Method program to anyone else, she shared: 

“I genuinely don’t think you would find anything that would do this for you other than the Method, because it really is … It’s run by people who genuinely care, there’s some fantastic tips, like the nutritional five, you get to learn how to listen to your body and honor yourself. The stop drop and ask. There’s so many little bits and pieces that you start to use in your daily life that make a massive impact…you just won’t regret it.”

Learn How To Feel Confident, Balanced, and At Peace With Food.

This is such a beautiful transformation from Pippa. We’re so grateful to have been a part of her journey in making all of this possible for her! Now you can also learn these same tools and strategies by first watching the free class. 

You’ll learn about the #1 Habit That Keeps You Struggling With Your Weight and your Relationship With Food — And How To Break Free From The Diet And Food Obsession Starting Now. 

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