Cosori TurboBlaze Air Fryer

In an effort to keep things simple in the kitchen for our small family of two, we’ve invested in a brand new Cosori Air Fryer. After much deliberation and research, we decided to go with the Cosori 6.0-Quart TurboBlaze™ Air Fryer.

New Cosori TurboBlaze Air Fryer

I understand that most air fryers are small and it will be nearly impossible to prepare everything in it, but my hope is that it will speed things up a bit for those times I don’t want to preheat and turn on the oven for something small. After all, an air fryer is really nothing more than a countertop convection oven which heats much quicker than a standard oven.

I considered a few different brands and models, including Ninja AF101 (affiliate link) and Instant™ Vortex (affiliate link). But in the end I settled on the Cosori TurboBlaze™ because of all the positive reviews, it has an efficient DC motor with the potential to cook food up to 46% faster, its rated power is 1,725W and has a temperature range of 90F degrees to 450F degrees.

Unpacking my new Cosori air fryer

What’s in the box?

Unpacking the new air fryer, I found three items:

the main air fryer unit
the crisper tray
a large envelope with the user manual, a recipe booklet and quick start guide, recommended settings and cook times and warranty information along with a customer support card

New Cosori air fryer, crisper tray and user manual, recipe booklet, etc.

This machine comes with a limited 2-year warranty and it’s very easy to register your product online – which is highly recommended should there be any product defects or recalls.

There is a very informative sticker with cautions and warnings on top of the machine which has to be removed before using. There is also a QR code for downloading an app which has additional air fryer recipes.

The three warnings are important to keep in mind:

Outside of machine gets very hot during use, use caution when in use.
This is an air fryer not a deep fryer, so do not fill the basket with oil.
Be careful when emptying the basket with hot food. If tipped too far, the very hot crisper tray may become dislodged and fall out.

New Cosori air fryer warnings and cautions

The back of the air fryer machine also includes a warning sticker cautioning against a very hot surface warning the user to leave at least 5 inches of space behind and above the air fryer.

The paperwork in the box includes a customer support contact card along with information about registering for the limited 2-year warranty online, a placard of recommended settings and cook times, a user manual and recipe booklet with quick start guide.

In the Cosori box – user manual, recipe booklet, recommended settings and cook times and customer support contact card

Before turning on your new air fryer for the very first time, make sure all the packaging and tape has been removed from the air fryer and electrical cord.

Remove all packing material, including tape before first use

Place the machine on a smooth flat surface with at least 5 inches of space behind and above. Wash the basket and crisper tray with warm water, soap and a non-abrasive sponge. (The basket and crisper tray are both nonstick surfaces, so be sure to use silicone utensils and soft sponges to not damage the surfaces.) Wipe the machine inside and out with a damp cloth and dry with a clean towel.

Carefully insert the crisper plate back into the basket (there are four silicone feet at the corners of the crisper tray which hold it in place inside the basket) and the basket into the air fryer.

Wash and dry the basket and crisper tray and place the crisper tray back into the basket

New Air Fryer Test Run

To help you become familiar with your new air fryer and to make sure it is working properly, it’s important to do a test run.

Make sure the air fryer basket is empty (or contains just the crisper plate) and plug in the air fryer.
Tap AIR FRY and the display with show “385°F” and “10 MIN”
Tap ? || (start/pause button) to begin. When finished, the air fryer will beep and the display with show “END”
Press the basket release button and remove the basket. Let the basket cool completely for 10-30 minutes.

Cosori air fryer test run

Note: Use caution when turning the basket over after cooking, as the hot crisper plate may fall out and create a safety hazard.

Cosori TurboBlaze user manual – before first use and test run

The crisper plate contains 4 silicone stoppers made of food-safe material. These stoppers keep the crisper plate fitted to the bottom of the basket. When placing the crisper plate into the basket, tilt the crisper plate to insert one side first, then press down on the other side.

The dimensions of the basket for the Cosori TurboBlaze 6.0-Quart Air Fryer are about 9.25-inches x 9.25-inches square. The depth of the basket with the crisper plate installed is about 3.25-inches and about 4.25-inches with the crisper plate removed.

Cosori TurboBlaze Air Fryer basket height and width

Also included in the User Manual is a helpful section with a cooking chart and cooking tips.

Cosori TurboBlaze™ Cooking Chart

Default Temperature
Default Time
Temperature Range
Time Range
Fan Speed

Turbo Mode
Air Fry
385°F / 195°C
10 min
300°F – 450°F /
150°C – 230°C
1 – 60 min

425°F / 220°C
12 min
350°F – 450°F /
175°C – 230°C
1 – 60 min

450°F / 230°C
5 min
425°F – 450°F /
220°C – 230°C
1 – 30 min

390°F / 200°C
14 min
300°F – 450°F /
150°C – 230°C
1 – 30 min

390°F / 200°C
5 min
300°F – 425°F /
150°C – 220°C
1 – 60 min

330°F / 165°C
20 min
260°F – 400°F /
125°C – 205°C
1 – 60 min

Dehydrate (DRY)
135°F / 55°C
6 hr
100°F – 200°F /
35°C – 95°C
1 – 24 hr

90°F / 30°C
1 hr
90°F – 110°F /
30°C – 45°C
1 – 12 hr

400°F / 205°C
4 min
(auto adjust)
170°F – 450°F /
75°C – 230°C


Keep Warm (WARM)
170°F / 75°C
30 min

1 – 60 min


Turbo Modes
Turbo Modes cooking functions (Air Fry, Roast, Broil, Frozen) quickly cook food using the highest fan speed (5). We recommend using the crisper plate for all Turbo Modes functions to take full advantage of the 360° air flow when cooking.

Air fry cooking chart and cooking tips

A few of the cooking tips that jumped out at me included:

If the basket is overfilled, the food will cook unevenly.
Adding a small amount of oil to your food will make it crispier. Use no more than 2 tablespoons (or 30 mL) of oil.
Oil sprays are excellent for applying small amounts of oil evenly to all food items.
You can air fry any frozen foods or goods that can be baked in an oven.
The Frozen function is ideal for small or breaded items, such as nuggets, meatballs and pot stickers.
To make cakes, hand pies, or any food with filling or batter, place food in a heat-safe container before placing in the basket.
Air frying high-fat foods will cause fat to collect underneath the crisper plate. To avoid excess smoke while cooking, pour out fat drippings after cooking.
Liquid-marinated foods create splatter and excess smoke. Pat these foods dry before air frying.
When making fries from raw potatoes, soak uncooked fries in water for 15 minutes to remove starch [rior to frying. Pat dry with a towel before adding oil.

For complete instructions for cooking times, cooking tips, cooking functions, care and maintenance, please refer to the user manual included with your air fryer.

With the new year upon us, we will be creating and sharing many easy and healthy WW friendly air fryer recipes.

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