12 Low Calorie Microwave Mug Cakes & Desserts

WW Recipe of the Day: Favorite Low Calorie Microwave Mug Cakes & Dessert

What could be better than a healthy mug cake recipe or delectable dessert you can make with a few ingredients and the press of a button?

Today I’m sharing an irresistible collection of single-serving cakes and portion controlled desserts you can make in your microwave in minutes.

Microwave mug cakes and desserts are perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without making an entire cake or whole batch of brownies, cupcakes or cookies. The best part for me is that most of them can be made without having to dirty a mixing bowl!

Favorite Low Calorie Mug Cake Recipes with Weight Watchers Points

Easy Mocha Mug Cake with fresh raspberries

Chocolate Mocha Mug Cake is a the perfect mini chocolate cake for chocolate lovers who enjoy the addition of the flavor of coffee and richness it imparts. Chocolate chips add to its rich chocolate flavor while Greek yogurt in the mug cake batter keeps this easy chocolate mug cake nice and moistI love it topped with a few fresh blueberries or raspberries!

Gluten-Free Microwave Mug Cake

WW Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake – (Gluten Free from Scratch without Cake Mix) I was excited to spot a recipe for a microwave mug chocolate cake made from scratch, without artificial sweeteners that was also gluten-free!!! Instead of all purpose flour this healthy chocolate mug cake recipe calls for powdered peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa powder as its dry ingredients.

Enjoy this delicious sweet treat just as it is. Or personalize your mug cake by stirring in a few chocolate chips or adding toppings such as powdered sugar, sprinkles, whipped cream and/or sliced fruit. A little scoop of ice cream alongside is how my husband likes to enjoy it.

I plan on experimenting with almond flour in place of the peanut flour the next time I need a quick chocolate fix.

3-2-1 Microwave Mug Cake

Low Calorie 2-Ingredient Microwave Mug Cake – This skinny 3-2-1 mug cake is a simple way to satisfy a craving for cake in a couple minutes with just two main ingredients, a microwave-safe mug and a microwave. This easy mug cake recipe is hard to beat. While I usually use chocolate cake mix to make this easy mug cake, use whatever flavor cake mix you prefer. You can also lower the calories and points by opting for sugar free cake mix.

Photo Credit: Hungry Girl

2-Ingredient Vanilla Mug Cake Here’s a great recipe for a vanilla flavored single serving cake you can put together in minutes without having to bake a whole cake. Just two basic ingredients: ¼ cup yellow cake mix and 2 tablespoons fat-free vanilla yogurt combine to make this mini cake. A tiny splash of vanilla extract and/or dash of sprinkles are totally optional.

Easy Microwave Pineapple Cake

3-Ingredient Microwave Mug Pineapple Cake makes a quick and easy delicious dessert. Microwave Pineapple Cake comes together in minutes with just 3 simple ingredients. This mug cake tastes like this 2-Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake, another longtime favorite with Weight Watchers members.

Banana Pudding Cocoa Microwave Cake for One

Microwave Banana Pudding Cocoa Cake – Satisfy those chocolate cravings with this simple microwave pudding cake for one. Naturally gluten free this healthy recipe is made with unsweetened cocoa powder, sweetener, egg and banana. The texture of this cake reminds me a lot of a souffle or bread pudding.

Photo Credit: Keeping On Point

WW Peanut Butter Mug Cake from Keeping On Point – This mug cake is a quick and easy recipe with the winning flavor combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It’s a great way to satisfy a craving for something sweet without getting carried away.

Photo Credit: Kimspired DIY

WW Microwave Mug Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kimspired DIY – You won’t believe how amazing this Weight Watchers mug cookie recipe is to make and best of all how delicious it is. This microwave Weight Watchers chocolate chip cookie in a mug is a perfect dessert when you want something quick and sweet without turning on the oven.

Photo Credit: Hungry Girl

Made in a Mug Bread Pudding from One from Hungry Girl – A delicious light and healthy portion controlled option for bread pudding fans.

Easy Microwave Baked Apple Dessert

Microwave Baked Apple – This quick and easy microwave (affiliate link) baked apple with cranberries and maple syrup is a delicious portion-controlled way to satisfy an apple pie craving.

Photo Credit: Recipe Diaries

Light & Healthy Individual Microwave Apple Crisp from Recipe Diaries – Ready in less than 10 minutes with common ingredients this tastes just like the apple crisp you would bake for hours on end in the oven!

Photo Credit: Slender Kitchen

Skinny Microwave Pumpkin Custard from Slender Kitchen – Microwave Pumpkin Custard that’s ready in five minutes or less time, tastes just like your favorite pumpkin pie filling, and has under 150 calories.

Microwave Rice Krispy Treat

Microwave Mug Rice Krispies Treat For One – If you really enjoy a homemade Rice Krispies treat, but don’t want to be tempted by an entire pan of them, this recipe is the perfect solution.

More Low Calorie Mug Cakes & Dessert Recipes

99 Calorie Mug Cake –  This chocolate mug cake is super moist, soft and chocolaty, all for just 99 calories! You only need a handful of ingredients, including flour, cocoa powder, sweetener, oil and unsweetened almond milk.  In just a few minutes you’ll  have this delicious low calorie dessert ready. (found at Weight Loss with Veera)

Skinny Pumpkin Mug Cake – This easy Skinny Pumpkin Mug Cake can be made within minutes- a single serving that tastes amazing with a scoop of fat free cool whip or light vanilla ice cream & sugar free chocolate chips!  (found at The Pound Dropper)

Microwave Mug Jello Cake – Looking for a quick and easy microwave dessert for one that can be whipped up in minutes (about 3 minutes from start to finish) with just a handful of common pantry ingredients? Look no further than this yummy Raspberry Jell-o Microwave Mug Cake!

Microwave Gingerbread Mug – Nothing screams winter, or holidays, like gingerbread! This simple microwave mug cake, serves one and can be easily adapted to be gluten-free.

More Light Healthy Microwave Mug Recipes for Weight Watchers

Oatmeal Raisin Mug Muffin
Microwave Mug French Toast
WW Friendly Pancake Coffee Cake in a Mug
Microwave Mug Raspberry Blintz
5-Minute Blackberry Crisp
Microwave Cinnamon Apple Crisp
Microwave Mug Chocolate Black Forest Cake

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